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The Present Age Volume 6 / No. 5 January 2021


Unfalsified History and Lateral Thinking

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction and the World Impulse of Christian Rosenkreutz
T.H. Meyer

Rudolf Steiner on the Brotherhoods
More relevant in these times of Corona than ever?
Christel Traut

Reflections on the Present Events
Irene Diet

The “Great Upheaval” – Where To and What For?
Andreas Flörsheimer

The Possible Division of Mankind Through Digital Immortality
Christel Traut

January Calendar

A Life for Cognition
In memory of Alexander Caspar (1934–2021)
David Schmid

Bringing Oneself into the Picture
In memory of Alexander Caspar (1934–2021)
Andreas Flörsheimer

Economic Life, Legal Life, Cultural Life in the Unitary State that Mixes Up All Three Social Spheres
Alexander Caspar

The King’s Last Journey
Thoughts on the Passing of Wilfried Hammacher (1928–2021)
Branko Ljubić






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