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Unfalsified History and Lateral Thinking

Mendacity as the Fundamental Characteristic of Public Life
Rudolf Steiner spoke of “mendacity as the fundamental characteristic of the entire public life of our time” already in 1920 (21.8.1920, GA 199).
Courageous and perceptive contemporaries have always fought against this mendacity. For example, the Swiss historian Jakob Ruchti, who had written an important booklet “On the History of the Outbreak of the War”, of which Steiner spoke most highly. It shows the diplomatic mendacities surrounding the outbreak of the war and above all about the ‘war guilt’ attributed to the Central Powers. The text was even awarded a prize by the University of Bern. At the end of it Ruchti wrote: “But history cannot be permanently falsified; the myth cannot stand up to the scrutiny of scientific research; the sinister web will be brought into the light and torn to pieces, however artfully it has been spun.”
Of a similar spirit is our contemporary Elias Davidsson, who works with the greatest meticulousness and a pronounced sense of truth (see the interview with him on p. 9f.).
Last year Davidsson published what is perhaps the best book yet on 9/11 and draws attention to the fact that the mendacity of the official myths surrounding this event has gone a level deeper in the case of Corona: the media myths about 9/11 only attacked healthy human reason, which is bad enough; the grossly restrictive and groundless Corona measures intervene in our daily actions and behaviour.

Courageous voices from Switzerland
Shortly before Christmas, Christian Frei, one of the three co-founders of the Swiss organic restaurant chain Tibits, wrote to the commander-in-chief of the Swiss armed forces, Aldo C. Schellenberg, and urged him to arrest all 7 Federal Councillors for their “crimes against humanity”. He also rightly stated that: “There is not a scientist in the world who has been able to prove the virus exists.”1

Rudolf Steiner as ‘lateral thinker’2
It is a real joy that even in this crazy era a new and impartial light has been cast on Rudolf Steiner by independent journalists: he is, would you believe, described as “the first lateral thinker” in the title of an essay by Jonas Glaser in the magazine Compact.3
At the beginning of the article we read: “Anthroposophers number among the core of activists of the freedom movement”. “They find their inspiration in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. What can we learn from the master thinker in this Corona crisis?”
Recently, Bodo Schiffmann showed the viewers of his TV broadcast the edition of Der Europäer which carried the important Berlin speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And we learn that our Anthroposophical colleague Herbert Ludwig, who has for years been responsible for the worthy website “Der Fassadenkratzer” (The Façade Scraper), appeared on a recent edition of the “Corona-(Extra-Parliamentary Investigative) Committee! In his noteworthy contribution to the session he described the widespread attitude of submission to the authorities versus the true autonomy of the human I. (Broadcast: 15 January 2021. Session 35: Law and Health – The Blind Spot; watch from 2h and 7 mins into the session.)4
The spirit of the truly eye-opening spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner blows and blooms where it wants and where it can, and not necessarily where you would expect it to bloom …
These are strong signs of hope!

T.H. Meyer

_________________________, 22. 1. 2021.

2  The Stuttgart Querdenker (lit. ‘Lateral Thinkers‘) 711 movement has been at the forefront of the anti-lockdown movement in Germany.

Compact Spezial. Magazin für Souveränität, Special Edition No. 28, pp. 72-74.