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The Present Age Volume 6 / No. 3/4 November/December 2020


The Power of true World Government

Influences of the Hierarchies in the Life and Being of Man
D.N. Dunlop

“Corona” or: The Struggle for the Crown
Irene Diet

The Adventure of the Free Spiritual Life in the Time of Corona
Nicholas Dodwell

The Angst Paradigm of Virology and Homeopathy
Andreas Matner

When the Foundations are Shaking …
Ingo Hoppe

Strategic Theatre
Arnold Sandhaus

Two Researchers of the Interior of the Earth Who Have Crossed the Threshold
T.H. Meyer

Was it Really the “Storming” of “the Temple of Democracy”?

Terry Boardman

Novmber/December Calendar

Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket
Donald J. Trump

Michael and Ahriman and the Tasks of Our Time
T.H. Meyer

The Call for Threefolding
Gerald Brei

What does the Coronavirus trial ask from us?
Richard Ramsbotham

Threefold Social Order
Catherine Austin Fitts with T.H. Meyer

A Study and a Polemic for Michael
Ruedi Bind




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