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The Power of true World Government

In his article “Strategic Theatre” (p. 27ff.) Arnold Sandhaus presents an issue that deserves our utmost attention: on 1 May of this year the Geneva-based W.H.O. commissioned the Anglo-American public relations agency Hill & Knowlton 1 to work out a strategy for how the W.H.O. could best bring forward its corona policy. The agency suggested three types of influential people (“Influencers”). Those with a wide social ‘reach’, those with a medium effective reach, and those who group themselves around individual “heroes” (probably “exemplary” corona victims).
A 15 year-old girl appeared before a commission set up by the US Congress in October 1990 and testified that Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait had thrown babies out of incubators onto on the ‘cold floor’ and let them die there. Then the US kindled a war against Iraq, the Gulf War. Later, too late, it turned out that the incubator story was all a lie and that the girl had been prepared for her role by a public relations agency. The person in charge, Craig Fuller, was later proud of his success in the whole operation and was promoted to a top job in the company. That company was Hill & Knowlton, the very same one commissioned by the W.H.O. in May 2020 to take charge of producing the publicity for Covid-19.” The young 15 year-old was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the USA.2
So the W.H.O. is not loath to use the services of a company that has been shown to have lied on behalf of the US government with momentous consequences (hundreds of thousands of dead)! The reputation of the World Health Organisation, already shaky, has thus been reduced to rubble.
If one considers the connection of the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) to Bill Gates, Mr. Drosten and the German Robert Koch Institute and also considers the irreversible damage through Bill Gates’ vaccination experiments in Africa and India in the abused name of ‘health’, one would do better in the future to refer to this organisation as the World Hellth Organisation.
through Bill Gates’ vaccination ethxperiments in Africa a*
On Easter Sunday 2020, Bill Gates appeared on German TV. He proclaimed his monotonous gospel that the “pandemic” would only be defeated when all of mankind has been vaccinated. The nakedly anti-Christian character of the entire advertising campaign had made its appearance. The prospect for Christmas 2020 was no less gloomy. But we would like to remind our readers that the arrogant power of the world’s leaders could be reduced to rubble no less quickly than the reputation of the W.H.O.
The Gospel of Matthew (and only this gospel) records a saying by Christ immediately after the betrayal by Judas and the swipe of Peter’s sword: “Take your sword and put it back in its place. All those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. Do you think I could not ask my Father for aid? He could immediately place more than twelve armies of angels at my disposal. But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that everything must come to pass in this way?”
This power and superiority of Christ is real, even if it does not show itself. But it is by no means certain that it will never show itself (perhaps in the form of global disasters). The true world government cannot be expected to look on endlessly while the great agenda for the whole of human evolution is increasingly threatened by the madness of a small power-hungry clique.


T.H. Meyer


1  Hill & Knowlton is a US company headquartered in New York but owned by the British company WPP, the world’s largest advertising company.

2  For the incubator story, see the Wikipedia page “Nayirah testimony”.