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The Present Age Volume 5 / No. 11 July 2020


The Awakening of Souls in the Age of Global Madness

Ahriman’s Fear of Clear Human Thinking
On the Hungarian Edition of Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on Ahriman’s Incarnation in the West
T.H. Meyer

Binaries, Triads, and the Prospects for War and Peace between the West and China
Terry Boardman

Is the coronavirus crisis pulling away the veil from fundamental problems pressing upon society and the economy?
Alexander Caspar

The Coronavirus and New Economy
Andreas Flörsheimer

Pandemic or Plandemic?
Olaf Koob M.D

July Calendar

Coronavirus, Epidemics, and Vaccine Terrorism with Jon Rappoport (Part Two)
Interview by Catherine Austin Fitts

Viral Madness
Gerald Brei

The Moment of Truth is Rarely Free of Pain
Branko Ljubić

Kaspar Hauser, Schloss Beuggen and Children without a Home
(in a time of worldwide bans on public gatherings)
Jens-Peter Manfrass



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