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The Present Age Volume 6 / No. 7/8 December/January 2021/22


Cowardly and Cruel in the Wilderness

The Fifth Post-Atlantean Age
G. Adams Kaufmann

Why the Mass Idiocy? Why the Genocide?
Terry Boardman

Corona as an Epistemological Question
Gerald Brei

Anthroposophic Medicine’s “Fall” into Materialism
Herbert Ludwig

Aspects of Threefolding
Andreas Flörsheimer

Thirty-Three Years
G. Adams Kaufmann

December/January Calendar

A Life Christened by the Spirit
Christward Johannes Polzer-Hoditz
T.H. Meyer

Goethe’s Fairy Tale
Charles Kovacs

Conversation with Daskalos
Günther Zwahlen

A Letter to the Vorstand of the G.A.S. about Daskalos
Günther Zwahlen

Daskalos’ Christ Experience



The New Money
Andreas Flörsheimer

On the Work of Alexander Caspar
Andreas Flörsheimer

Karl Heise “Okkultes Logentum” [Occult Lodges]
Thoughts on a New Edition
Gaston Pfister

Chinese Students Encounter a New Concept of Karma
Martin Barkhoff


Wake-Up Dream
Martin Barkhoff

The Real Anthony Fauci
A book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Catherine Austin Fitts



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