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Corona as the Mask of World Government

The traditional autumn fair in Basel has been cancelled. Instead, we have been experiencing the forced roller coaster and ghost train rides of tightened Corona measures with the almost unlimited compulsory mask-wearing. In the spring the Swiss Federal Department of Health was still rejecting it as unnecessary, but it has now decreed it to be an absolute “protective measure”.
More and more people are defending themselves against the excessive measures, and they include a number of doctors, for example, Gianmarco Sala from Uri in central Switzerland.
On 8 October Sala wrote to the health authorities of the Canton of Uri; a summary follows:

1. “The benefit of masks has not been proven in any valid study. Not a single non-pharmacological measure by authorities has had the slightest influence on the course of infection curves. On the contrary, the completely improper use and lack of any quality standards for masks rather tend to cause harm.
2. The work of staff in health care institutions in particular is made considerably more difficult by the wearing of masks and leads to health problems which are unacceptable in the long term.
3. The psychological damage of the cessation of non-verbal communication in regard to the perception of emotions is especially great in children, but also in the elderly and in dementia patients, and can cause persistent behavioural disorders in children.
4. The consequences of lockdown, travel restrictions, etc. have led to catastrophic economic damage worldwide, which has already claimed many times more victims than the virus itself.
5. The PCR tests are not validated and lead to a deliberate misinterpretation of alleged virus activity and a so-called second wave, which does not actually exist. False positive tests correlate 1:1 with the number of tests performed, a fact which is simply being kept from the public.”

Sala works in the same Canton of Uri, in which in 1307 William Tell dared to fire his shot. The same year in France saw the arrest of the Templars by Philip IV (the Fair). In this polarity between deeds of individual freedom and state oppression we are also living today. The latter is using COVID-19 as a mask to conceal a globalist, anti-human program and its implementation. Information about this can be read in a March 2020 edition of the Economist magazine, which was discussed in The Present Age.1
The virus was described in the Economist as “the right medicine for the world economy” (!). It would serve the “healing” of the global economy and not primarily that of human beings; it would have to remain until the economy had been “healed” in the globalists’ sense of the term. This healing amounts to a global economic dictatorship which will gag and strangle all civil rights and spiritual/cultural life. What the power elite, entirely lacking in conscience, regard as a “reset” can be read in “The Great Reset” publications (see WEF web footnote2 for yourself and reviews from ff.p 19).2
What is urgently needed today is the unmasking of the absurdities of the current measures and of the intentions of those who are merely using Corona as a mask. If this unmasking succeeds, then the ridiculous but macabre spectre of fearmongering, State-enforced excessive measures which resemble an unwilling ride on a ghost train, can be ended. If it does not succeed, then mankind “will cede world domination to an occult group within the Anglo-American world”3 – for a very long time.
For a brief period ahead we still have a choice. Gianmarco Sala, Sucharit Bhakdi, Rainer Füllmich and all who speak up for truth of conviction have grasped the urgent need of the hour.

T.H. Meyer


1  In Vol. 5, No. 9/10 (May/June 2020).

2 and

3  Notebook entry by R. Steiner in 1919, first published in Der Europäer, March 1999.