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World Dictatorship, Prophecies and the Jolt towards the Spirit

No world dictator would have been able to achieve in a few weeks what the “virus”, against which no remedy has allegedly yet been found, has been able to achieve in such a short time: school closures, the banning of public gatherings, theatre, concert and cinema performances, and visits to restaurants. Closed frontiers, closed bars, and at the few open shops and pharmacies the notice that payment will only be accepted with contactless cards. Economies shut down. No international decision could have had so much psychological propaganda for the long-planned global abolition of cash. This is a corona dictatorship still just short of forced vaccination. Overnight everything else, such as climate change and 5G, has become an unimportant secondary question. But there are also good things to report: NATO’s gigantic NATO “Defender 2020” manoeuvres have been cancelled!
And sober explanations of the medical exaggerations have been provided by Profs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Knut Wittkowski, John Ioannidis and Dr Shiva Ayyadurai1.
The deeper background to the crisis is obviously many-sided and hidden. Why was a scenario gamed in October 2019 in New York, which corresponds to the actual coronavirus crisis? (

We shall leave the explanation of this background to others. Instead, we shall just point out that in his sci-fi novel The Eyes of Darkness, American author Dean Koontz wrote already in 1981 about a virus that would break out first in the Russian city of Gorki, but in the 1989 edition this was changed to Wuhan.
When the coronavirus began to spread in the West, it was claimed by some that this book The Eyes of Darkness also seemed to prophesy that a dangerous bioweapon would unleash a fatal illness attacking the lungs in the year 2020, but we soon learned that in reality this claim resulted from a conflation of Koontz’s novel with another book – End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World, which was published in 2008 by an American clairvoyant, Sylvia Browne, who collected many ‘end-times’ prophecies, to which at the end she added some of her own, among them that around the year 2020 a lethal epidemic involving inflammation of the lungs would spread around the whole world.
It is noteworthy at this juncture not only to point out that this is the year in which we are living but also that to recall that over a hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner indicated that “not long after people have been writing the date 2000, a kind of prohibition of thinking around the world will be declared from the West”, the beginnings of which he saw in materialistic medicine. In this context Steiner seemed to have pointed to the year 20202. His prophecy provides the concrete spiritual background to that of Sylvia Browne.


An awful symbol for the killing out of all spiritual impulses is accompanying the ban on thinking: in various countries, most recently in Switzerland, starlings have been falling in droves from the sky in a matter of seconds, regularly in areas where 4G or 5G is increasing. There is a video on this that is very worth seeing.3
The last case in this documentary occurred in the Mormons’ Salt Lake City, which was declared the second US test region for 5G after New York.
Swiss President Sommaruga tried to shake up the population after the latest emergency measures: “Now a jolt must go through the country.” The jolt to maintain solidarity in keeping away from other people (“social distancing”). The real jolt in our life, however, is the step towards the threshold of the spiritual world. This leads to waking up from the materialistic illusions of life. Without this jolt, the Corona crisis can be overcome in appearance only.

T.H. Meyer, March 2020


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2 In the print version of the lecture of April 4 1916 (GA 167) at this point the date 2200 appears, but this does not fit with “not long after people have been writing the date 2000”. Martin Barkhoff expressed the view years ago that this must have been misheard or wrongly written down and that in fact Steiner must have meant 2020.