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The Present Age Volume 5 / No. 7/8 October/November 2019


The 9/11 Truth Movement and its Cognitive Deficit

Michael’s Cosmic Sabbatical
T.H. Meyer

He Seems like a Guardian of Saturn …
Countess von Keyserlingk on D.N. Dunlop

If you want to approach the Grail
Peter Stühl

Intuitive Knowledge
Thoughts from the year 1924 by W.J. Stein

On the Road with Rudolf Steiner
From: “Conversations and Encounters with Rudolf Steiner” (Part Five)

A Short Trip with Rudolf Steiner
by Dr. Stefan Engel

The Confrontation with Evil in Goethe’s Faust
T.H. Meyer

The Incarnation of Ahriman – When and Where? (Part One)
Terry Boardman


The New Revelations of the Spirits of Personality
Harald Herrmann

Karl Heyer: Esoteric Foundations and Aspects of Social Threefolding
Indications by Rudolf Steiner

October/November Calendar

Ukrainian Lessons
Andrei Nikitin

The Absurdity of the Climate Religion
Gerald Brei

Social Future and “Fridays for Future”
Heidrun Christner and Christel Traut

Conference in Zurich on the Events of 11 September 2001
Gerald Brei

A Sevenfold Form…
Wilfried Hammacher

Readers’ Letter

Book Review

Thoughts on the Year 1721
Jens Göken


The Innocence of the Eye
Jasminka Bogdanovic

Roland Dunkel
Ruedi Bind


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