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The Present Age Volume 5 / No. 6 September 2019


Impressions from a trip to the North

“Fioritura” – Florescence
Martin Meyer

Saharabbi or the Beginning and End of Kali Yuga
A spiritual journey by Countess Johanna von Keyserlingk under the direction of Rudolf Steiner

The Emergence and the Meaning of Kali Yuga
An aphoristic commentary by T.H. Meyer

Samuel Beckett on “The Philosophy of Freedom”
T.H. Meyer

The Loosening of the Etheric Heart since 1721
Harald Herrmann

Karl Heyer: Esoteric Foundations and Aspects of Social Threefolding
Indications by Rudolf Steiner

September Calendar

The Solari Report, Copenhagen
T.H. Meyer and Niels Harrit
28 March, 2019

Are There Any Swiss Left in Switzerland?
Aphoristic Thoughts for the National Day
T.H. Meyer

During My Anthroposophical Studies
Olaf Koob M.D.



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