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Cut Off From the Spiritual World?

Thoughts on the Coming 5G Mobile Phone Standard

The new superfast, more efficient and wireless technology is supposed to be about to revolutionise mobile phone communication and the Internet – at the latest by 2020. China is currently in the vanguard. A hundred times more efficient than the fourth generation technology (4G) now in use, 5G will enable users to download entire movies in seconds, in addition to its many other much-vaunted uses. Such is the hype, and many users are enthralled at the prospect. All reality threatens to become a “virtual reality“. In order for this technology to function, it will need a virtually seamless forest of masts, much thicker than before, a forest of small but powerful radio towers. Tiny microwaves will be used, but these waves cannot penetrate buildings, hence the need for the forest of small new masts. Previously, masts between 50 and 70 km apart were sufficient. For 5G, mini-masts every 300 metres will need to be installed. The net will therefore become practically gapless throughout the world. But the amount of electromagnetic radiation will grow enormously.

From a spiritual perspective
Electro-magnetic technologies work from the subnatural realm of forces. From a spiritual scientific perspective, this is the domain of Ahriman and his hosts. Ahriman is the spirit of intellect, which offers a captivating picture of the world, in which there is only what is sensory and physical. Everything is merely of a material nature. The supersensory has no place in it. We have therefore already called this spirit a narrow-minded intelligence, which is the complete opposite to that of Michael, who helps mankind to come to a spiritual picture of the world. The most lauded new technology will give ahrimanic beings a further powerful impetus.

An admonitory imagination
These beings can be imaginatively experienced as black crows of misfortune, which belong underground, but which have in the course of the last hundred years forced their way powerfully to the surface and seek to cut off human beings “from Michael’s spiritual radiance”. “The black crows of misfortune intend to entrap the human race in materialism and then bring about the cosmic materialisation of human thoughts and feelings themselves (…) This would mean that the ‘greatest illusion’ that there has ever been would take on a cosmically real form.”
The seamless electro-magnetic net threatens to imprison human beings in a complete world of illusion and make them totally forget the spirit which, along with their own spiritual individualities, also includes beings such as Ahriman and Lucifer. This should be kept in mind in view of these new technologies. It will carry us in giant steps straight toward this danger. The danger mentioned in the passage quoted above can still be avoided, “if the yearning for what is merely material takes up the other yearning for what is spiritual.” On this – but only on this condition. The cardinal question here then is: how can the yearning for the spiritual be awakened and fostered through reason? Then a liberating spiritual reason can be set against the narrow-minded ‘reason’ of the technologies mentioned above, which can check or even neutralise their evil consequences.

T.H. Meyer


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