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The Present Age Volume 4 / No. 4 July 2018


Marx, Steiner and the Euro-Statue in Brussels

The Year as an Archetype of the Activity of the Human Soul
Commentaries on Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Calendar verses​ by Monica von Miltitz

Countess Keyserlingk on Spiritual Streams in the USA
in Relation to the Impulse of Threefolding
Countess Johanna von Keyserlingk

The Solution to the Social Question Our Times
Friedrich Rittelmeyer

If the Duce had read Steiner earlier…
A Meeting Missed
Luigi Capano

Tatiana Kisseleff, Mussolini and the Sociologist Vilfredo Pareto
Supplementary Remarks by Brigitte Schreckenbach

Is this account of Mussolini’s reaction to Steiner’s key text on Threefolding credible?
Andreas Bracher

Anastasia Romanov – the Child of Russia
Bettina Volz

July Calendar

From Gurdjieff to Steiner
A Personal Journey
Terry Boardman

An Encounter with Gurdjieff
Extracts from God is My Adventure
by Rom Landau

Saul Bellow’s Relationship with Anthroposophy
Excerpts from a Talk by Bellow’s Friend
William Hunt

Anthroposophists as Essenes
Stephen E. Usher’s Recollections
Andreas Bracher





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