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The Present Age Volume 4 / No. 3 June 2018


Human Indignity, Karl Marx and the Spiritual Challenge of Getting Beyond the Dollar

The Year as an Archetype of the Activity of the Human Soul
Commentaries on Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Calendar verses​ by Monica von Miltitz

Poem by Monica von Miltitz

Thoughts on the St. John’s Festival
Bruno Krüger

The Blind Spot, or the Year of Catastrophe 1935
Aphoristic Observations on a missing appearance by Ahriman in the fourth Mystery Drama
T.H. Meyer

The Task of Vidar
In the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric
Ricarda Murswiek

June Calendar

The Inner Earth and the Problem of Evil
Essay by Édouard Schuré

Édouard Schuré and the Interior of the Earth
Volker Siegfried Zielonka

The ‘Anglobal’ Royal Wedding: Symptoms and Symbols
Terry Boardman

“Social Threefolding” for All?
Where do we stand with regard to the “Threefolding of the Social Organism”?
Karl-Dieter Bodack


Humanising Medicine
Obituary for Prof. Frank Nager M.D.
Dr. med. Olaf Koob




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