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The Present Age Volume 3 / No. 10 January 2018

TPA VOL 3 10 January 2018 Cover


Living contrasts on my American lecture tour

Thoughts on the Rhythm of the Year
Commentaries on Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Calendar verses​ by Eleanor C. Merry

Four Phases of the Michael School
A lecture by T.H. Meyer on the founding day of the Theosophical Society

Kalevala and the Future
Marcel Frei

Mariatta — Väinämöinen’s Departure

One Year into the Trump Presidency

Five positive decisions
Andreas Bracher

January Calendar

The ‘Anglo-saxons’ and the European Union Project

Terry Boardman

Dostoevsky – Keeping the Great Idea Alive, Part Two
Part of the Christian Community Speaker Series: Biography as a Journey to Love
Jeff Bronow

The Mediaeval Butterfly Reliquary
An attempt to reveal its meaning, purpose and background
Dr. Christin Schaub

Peter Schäfer – Rhythmically Flowing Colours
A Forty Year-long Striving to Work out of the World of Colour
Ruedi Bind and Peter Schäfer

A Late Rehabilitation of Ovid

T.H. Meyer




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