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Rudolf Steiner Edited by T. H. Meyer: The First Class Lessons and Mantras – The Michael School Meditative Path in Nineteen Steps


“Initiation is precisely this: that we are able to see from the other side of the threshold. There, seeing is not just looking but is also reading. We read the spiritual deeds of spiritual beings who have brought everything into existence. And if we read long enough in this silence, if we put our heart and soul into this reading, we begin to hear in the spirit, and then the gods speak to us. And when the gods speak to us we are within the spiritual world.” —Rudolf Steiner (April 25, 1924)

The mantras of the Michael School are, in the truest sense of the word, a path for modern human beings—and indeed not just for our time between birth and death, but even more so for the time after death in the spiritual world. In that world, every soul that has crossed the threshold will experience beings and events that it can comprehend only if it has learned something on Earth about the beings there and processes that take place between them. In his eighteenth lesson Rudolf Steiner said:

“People who have heard this in esoteric schools on Earth will go through the gate of death and will hear these words again sounding in harmony together—in the esoteric schools here and during the life between death and a new birth there. They will understand what rings forth. Or, people will be dull and unwilling to respond to what the esoteric schools, prepared by general Anthroposophy, have to say. They’ll fail to perceive what can be heard through initiation science from the realms of the heights. They pass through the gate of death. There they hear what they should have already heard while here on Earth…but they do not understand it. These words of power—when the gods speak to one another—sound to them like an unintelligible clanging, mere cosmic noise.”

These words alone, heard in real earnestness, should be enough to dispel any reservations about spreading the teaching of the Michael School. This content does not belong only to those who are closely connected with Anthroposophy and its movement; every seeking human being should be able to find them as a path through life on Earth and after death.


  • Preface to the First English Edition by T. H. Meyer
  • Introduction to the Third German Edition by T. H. Meyer
  • The Nineteen Lessons of the Michael School
  • Passages Omitted from the Text
  • Mantras of the Michael School in English and German
  • Appendix: “The Meditative Path of the Michael School Today” by T. H. Meyer
    • Rudolf Steiner and the Time Spirit Michael
    • The Suprasensory Michael School
    • The Earthly Michael School and the Role of Ita Wegman
    • The Role of Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz
    • Who is the Guardian of the Threshold?
    • The Structure and Levels of the Nineteen Lessons
    • The Form Language of the Michael Sign
  • Notes
  • About the Frontispiece
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Blackboard Drawings

Translated by Jannebeth Röell , Paul V. O’Leary and James Lee, 430pp,
ISBN 9781621481737
2017 Steiner Books