TPA Editorial

Media Disgrace, a New Magazine and a Hero of the Spirit

In the last issue we presented some sinister news about the media infowar.
Firstly, we focused on the absurd campaign by western media like the BBC in England against the Russian broadcaster Russia Today, which culminated in a temporary closure of RT bank accounts in England. But who can still take the mainstream media seriously after the double disgrace of their false prognoses about Brexit and the US election?1 Claiming it wants to counteract “propaganda pressure on the EU from Russia and Islamist terrorist groups”, the European Parliament has recently passed a resolution to block  opposition to mainstream media pro-EU demagoguery.2

Today we can report something positive: since November 2016 we have had in Switzerland, published by André Barmettler and Ruben Buchwalder. This monthly magazine has no time for the dogmas and lies of the mainstream. The editors seem to be driven by an uncompromising will for the truth. Media deceptions are exposed. The site analyses, amongst other things, Trump’s Wall Street connections, calls for critical investigations of 9/11 and cites Anthony Sutton’s book Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, of which the editors write: “Absolutely essential reading for a critical grasp of [modern] history.”

The ExpressZeitung could develop into another David in the landscape of the mendacious propaganda of the Goliaths. We shall keep our eyes on it.
With regard to the spectacle of the election in the USA, it should not be overlooked that the ultimate decision-making power never resides with US presidents; they are only the executive organs of the financial elite, the “plutocrats”, as Steiner called them already 100 years ago3; if US presidents do not perform in the desired manner, their actions are terminated, if necessary by murder. One only needs to recall the coup against John F. Kennedy, which was designed and then covered up by the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles.

The ruthless will to power of these elites is recounted by Andreas Bracher in his article on Rasputin, who was murdered a hundred years ago, on 30 December 1916 by a British secret agent. Rasputin wanted to keep the Czar from involving Russia in war and therefore, sooner or later, “had to” fall.

2017 will see the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s first attempt to assist the breakthrough of a threefold social organism in Central Europe. We are also featuring contributions on the greatest and perhaps the only initiate that Switzerland has ever produced – Nikolaus von der Flüe (b.1417), who Steiner once called a “hero of the spirit” (see p. 24). Where are such figures today? Contemplation of von der Flüe’s spiritual and social impulses for peace would be far more worthwhile for Switzerland than cultivating any “Partnerships for Peace” and lavishing praise on “common values” in similar hollow rhetoric. And not only for Switzerland.The times are serious and could lead to an awakening to the bloody facts that are occurring. But such times also involve an awakening to the spiritual dimension of reality. This urgent necessity has been hovering over mankind for more than a hundred years. If it is not fulfilled, then what remains of materialistic “civilisation” will soon completely sink into the abyss.
Our readers will understand why precisely this Christmas issue carries more articles which in one form or another can lead to an awakening to the spirit. May they have an infectious effect in a healing sense.

T.H. Meyer