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The Paris Attacks – Cui Bono?

Just one day after the ISIS attack in Beirut which took the lives of more than 40 people, there was a series of attacks in Paris which killed more than 130 people and for which ISIS also claimed responsibility. This came ten months after the ISIS attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine.
The day after the attacks of November 13th we received a letter from Jacques Le Rider, a friend and Professor of French and German Studies, who flew from Vienna to Paris on the 13th of November. He reports:
“Yesterday evening there was the most horrible terrorist bloodbath in recent history in Paris (…) Parisians have learned that they live in a dangerous war zone. Paris is becoming the West European Beirut.”
On his flight from Vienna to Paris many hours before the attacks Le Rider had the following experiences:
“I had a flight from Austria to Paris (Charles de Gaulle). Already in Vienna there was a warning: ‘Starting from today the Schengen Regulations have been cancelled by France’; so one had to prepare for passport control when arriving in Paris. I thought: this might be a precautionary measure because of the large Climate Conference in Paris in the beginning of December. At the CDG airport there seemed to be a certain nervousness at the border controls. Never before had I seen such a number of policemen and customs officials. For the first time in years my luggage was searched. (My passport and identity papers were not inspected.) The wave of attacks in central Paris started a few hours later. I am convinced that all security services in France and Europe were on alert. (…) Who were the killers? How could they move in the centre of Paris like fish in water and organise this without anybody noticing, – loaded with heavy weapons as they were? These are open questions …”
At the moment only those who pulled the strings will be able to answer these questions in detail. But at least one should avoid getting hooked on wrong or one-sided questions. For example, the question is not whether “ISIS” is really behind the attacks, but Cui bono? Whom do these attacks serve? An answer to this question is already revealing itself with an almost eerie clarity: those power circles, who want to get Russia, which alone was purposefully fighting against ISIS, out of Syria, because they still want to topple Assad; as well as NATO led by the US, which could now force all NATO member states into a bloody commitment in Syria, with France leading the way.
We would remind you that a political plan of Western powers for a “new caliphate” can be traced back to at least the 1990s, for example in an article in The Economist from the turn of the year 1992/1993.1


All contemporary wars are, from a spiritual viewpoint, proxy wars by the Ahrimanic powers, which want to keep mankind from finding the modern path to the spirit by enmeshing it constantly in terror and war. The human propagandists of these wars are really Ahriman’s conscripts. Their wars only appear to circle around Rights, Democracy, Western values etc.; in reality they serve to undermine the modern path to the spirit.
Given the gloomy state of the world, we would like to point our readers to two extraordinary Christmas pictures by Charles Kovacs, which deals with this path to the spirit.

Thomas Meyer


1   This article was the topic of an essay by Terry Boardman in The Present Age of last month (Vol. 1, No. 8.), titled “The Disastrous 21st Century”.