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T.H. Meyer: Clairvoyance and Consciousness

Tao Impulse in Evolution

What is clairvoyance? How and why should it be achieved?
The current growth in New Age thinking has helped to promote teachings which offer paths to clairvoyant states of consciousness. This new spiritual revival, particularly the interest in Taoism, is a reflection of the modern person’s inner urge to be aware of – and to directly perceive – the spiritual. However, many of the ways open to the esoteric pupil today lead back to an ancient form of instinctive clairvoyance, in direct opposition to the development of clear, rational but spiritualised thinking.
 Between Capra’s Tao of Physics and Goethes Taoism, T.H. Meyer guides the reader to the little appreciated but most modern form of Taoism inherent in Rudolf Steiner’s work – particularly his Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. Meyer traces the evolution of human consciousness from the dreamy clairvoyance of Atlantis to the modern ability for clear abstract thought – through to humanity’s newly unfolding clairvoyant faculties.

80 p.,
ISBN 978-0904693287
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1991 Temple Lodge Publishing