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The Present Age Volume 6 / No. 11/12 December/January 2022/23


The Present World Situation

Europe Between East and West
T.H. Meyer

Ukraine Between East and West
and Russia’s Intervention
Andreas Bracher

The USA Deliberately Provoked
the Russian Military Operation
Herbert Ludwig

Struggle for the Seed
of Russian Culture

Notebook entry by Rudolf Steiner

Corona Notes II
Andreas Flörsheimer

The Coming Hunger Crisis
T.H. Meyer

Rudolf Steiner’s Chronology of Christ Jesus
Ellen Schalk

Community and Debt
Lecture by Charles Kovacs

Remembering Christoph Podak
Andreas Bracher

The General Anthroposophical Society (G.A.S.)
and its Relationship with Weleda AG
T. H. Meyer

In the Sign of Great Lines of Destiny
Frieder Sprich

The Question of Property
Andreas Flörsheimer

December /January Calendar


From The Ring to the Grail
Gerald Brei

Living in 2030

T.H. Meyer

Except you become as children…
Ben Cherry

Guidance from an anthroposophical medical perspective
Dr. Daphné von Boch



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