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Hijacking Humanity’s Mind or Counting to Three?

One hundred years ago, in May 1917, Europe and the world were at war – as
they have been in today’s global “War on Terror”.
But in that spring month of May 1917 an idea came into the world which, if taken up, first by Europeans, then by the rest of the civilized world, would have changed the course of history throughout the whole 20th century, right up to our own present time. It was the impulse of a threefold social order born out of the insight of Rudolf Steiner. This impulse is the proper form for the human being with its own inherent, threefold nature – spirit, soul and body; thinking, feeling and willing, and, physiologically, the limb system, the rhythmic system and the nerve-sense system.                                                                                                      As the threefold nature of man is unfolding and has increasingly been demanding its autonomous development since the French Revolution, the threefold social organism is the necessary social answer to this development. In it the three ideals of the French Revolution can find their proper spheres for their unfolding: freedom in a free spiritual life; equality in the sphere of rights truly respected; and brotherhood in a true global economic life, of which the power elites around the globe have so far only realized an inhuman caricature. Their power is the concentration of capital in the hands of very few.
True economic life, as envisaged by Steiner and partially realized by his friend D.N. Dunlop, who founded the World Power Conference in 1924 as a first step towards a fraternal world economy, is there precisely to check the unbounded concentration of power in the hands of a few at the cost of the welfare of humanity as a whole.

Humanity gave in to the dualistic model with its conflict-engendering impulses of Bolshevism and of Woodrow Wilson’s abstract doctrine of the nation state. Today, society is dominated by the boundless, monstrous money power which rules over states and individuals alike and which creates endless conflicts.

Today’s “War on Terror” is entirely based on the fiction of “Islamic terrorism” created around the event of 9/11. Elias Davidsson, who was initiated into the fictional legend surrounding 9/11 by Thierry Meyssan’s publications about the attack on the Pentagon, speaks of the “hijacking of the American mind” which has caused so many people to accept this black and bloody fiction1. This fiction was created to justify wars and to strengthen the global economic power of the elite of the “Deep State”.

After “Islamistan,” the Anglo-American power elites will need a new enemy to play their dualistic game. Behind the Russian adversary is the rising China which will be the main opponent of the Western elites in the nearer future.
We should carefully watch the further steps of the seemingly confused Trump Administration in this respect.2


Steiner needed individuals to help the threefold impulse to unfold. There were initially three: Count Lerchenfeld, Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz and Walter Johannes Stein. They were given the first Memoranda on the new impulse that even reached Emperor Karl of the dying Habsburg monarchy. But in the English version of the biography of this last European emperor, written by Polzer’s brother, all references to Steiner’s impulse were carefully cut out.3 The world was to be kept imprisoned by dualistic thinking and prevented from seeing the truth of ‘The Three’.

After the initial failure of the threefold impulse, Otto von Lerchenfeld wrote that when people took up this impulse later they would “realize what had been passed by and what infinite amount of misery and suffering could have been avoided”. (R. Boos, Rudolf Steiner während des Weltkrieges [Rudolf Steiner During the World war], Dornach 1933, p. 60)

To avoid the danger of not only America’s mind but of humanity’s mind being hijacked, strong, insightful individuals are needed who have learnt how to count to Three.

T.H. Meyer


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