A Consideration from exoteric and spiritual scientific perspectives

in her introduction: what is public opinion?
I propose to deal with the topic in two parts. The I propose to deal with the topic in two parts. The first will be exoteric and the second will be from a spiritual scientific perspective. I do not want to go about it in an abstract and theoretical way, but rather introduce some symptomatic examples of what one can understand by the term “public opinion”.

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Translated by Terry Boardman


For over a year a powerful wind has been storming across the globe: one demonstration has followed another.  To demonstrate is a human right, a subjective right that is the same for each human being. The concept of human rights proceeds from the idea that all human beings have these equal rights solely on the basis of their human existence and that these rights are universal, inalienable and indivisible. The right to demonstrate proceeds from the rights to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, to freedom of opinion, the freedom to express that free opinion and the right of assembly. Weiterlesen »